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The second bi-monthly CEENQA meeting

On November 17, NAQA took part in the second bi-monthly CEENQA meeting, which was aimed to discuss current issues and activities of CEENQA member agencies.

During the second meeting, the Head of Quality Assurance and Evaluation, Martina Vidláková, presented the National Bureau for Accreditation of Higher Education (NAB, Czech Republic).

Duška Radmanović, Head of Quality Assurance and International Cooperation Department, spoke about the activities of the Agency for Higher Education (HEAARS), Republika Srpska.

Thematic Analysis of Distance Learning Process during COVID-19, was also presented during the meeting.

Participants noted that despite the fact that the whole world has faced a problem that has no analogues in the past, higher education institutions, quality assurance agencies and other stakeholders are actively transforming their activities and adapting to new conditions and realities.