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Nataliia Stukalo presented NAQA at AMAQUEN Webinar on Digitalization of QA process (Morocco)

On March 25, NAQA Vice-Head Nataliia Stukalo, at the invitation of the Moroccan colleagues, spoke at the Webinar on Digitalization of QA process. AMAQUEN is the Think Tank of Quality in Education (Morocco) that currently organizes and conducts a series of webinars with higher education quality experts around the world. Key speakers at the webinar also included Suzanne Karakhanyan, INQAAHE President, Melinda Szabo, Senior Policy Analyst, EQAR Secretariat, Douglas Blackstock, Chief Executive of the British Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Member of ENQA Board, Abdennasser Naji, CEO, AMAQUEN, and Abdelali Kaaouachi, an expert from Mohammed I University.

Nataliia Stukalo presented the experience of Ukraine and NAQA and suggested possible ways to overcome existing problems. The webinar was an interesting discussion on the future of higher education quality assurance, the impact of the pandemic on quality assurance procedures and the use of new digital technologies in the QA processes.

QA digitalization: lessons learnt by NAQA (Ukraine)