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NAQA Meeting with FIBAA (Germany)

FIBAA is a European, internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education. FIBAA was founded in 1994 by leading employers’ associations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

NAQA and FIBAA are partners in the CEENQA 2021 exchange program . During the meeting, on March 30, NAQA Head Serhiy Kvit greeted his colleagues and introduced NAQA. NAQA Vice Head Natalia Stukalo spoke about the peculiarities of the Ukrainian higher education system and ensuring its quality. Diana Freibergen Managing Director of FIBAA and Victoria Tischanski Division Manager for International Procedures presented FIBAA and its activities in Germany and abroad.

Participants discussed topical issues of quality assurance in higher education, exchanged views on institutional accreditation, cross-border quality assurance, involvement of international experts, training of experts and accreditation during the pandemic. The participants also outlined further ways to implement the exchange program between agencies.