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V Central Asian International Forum

On October 1-2, 2021, the V Central Asian International Forum “Higher Education Quality Assurance: Global Trends and Regional Aspects”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR) was held. The event was held in in a mixed (on-line and off-line) format. NAQA representatives take part in the events organized by IAAR for the second consecutive year.

During the Plenary Session, NAQA Vice Head Nataliia Stukalo addressed the participants of the conference with a welcoming speech from NAQA. She expressed her appreciation to the organizers of the Forum for the opportunity to exchange experiences between higher education quality assurance agencies and organizations all around the world.

NAQA member Iryna Zolotaryova took part in the Panel Session entitled “Education Quality Management in the context of student-centered learning.” Ms. Iryna made a report “The role of stakeholders in the internal quality assurance system”.

The annual Forum is aimed at discussing contemporary approaches in the development of a quality assurance system, accreditation and rating studies, expanding cooperation with international organisations and agencies that contribute to the development of quality culture and promote constructive interaction between representatives of education, labour market and society as a whole, and the results of discussions and debates will have a positive impact on the improvement of education quality potential.