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NAQA’s first online meeting with the American agency Quality Matters

On May 13, the NAQA’s first online meeting with the American agency Quality Matters took place. 

Quality Matters is a global organization dedicated to quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments, has been operating for more than 15 years and has more than 60,000 members. Its executive director is Deb Adair, president of the international network INQAAHE. 

The National Agency was represented at the meeting by NAQA Vice-Heads Nataliia Stukalo and Olena Yeremenko, NAQA members Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Tetiana Prikhna, Natalia Avshenyuk, Ihor Oleksiv, Lilia Yanse and Secretariat employees Albina Tsyatkovska, Iryna Zhaloba, Andrii Kalinin, Nataliia Demianchuk and Olesia Beniuk. 

From the American agency’s side the meeting was attended by executive director Deb Adair and agency employees Yaping Gao, Brenda Boyd and Bethany Simunich. 

Natalia Stukalo made a presentation of NAQA, detailing the main aspects of the agency’s activities in the war conditions. After the American colleagues’ presentation, the participants discussed the key topics for further cooperation and the points for the development or improvement of which the assistance of Western colleagues will be the most useful.

The specifics of ensuring the quality of online courses in higher education institutions is one of the main areas of work of the agency Quality Matters, so they expressed their willingness to help NAQA with work in this direction. 

American colleagues demonstrated sincere support for NAQA and promised to disseminate information about its activities, needs and initiatives.