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NAQA held on online meeting with NVAO

On September 9, NAQA held an online meeting with NVAO.

It was the first meeting, so the participants had an opportunity to introduce their institutions and teams.

Cooperation with NVAO is a unique experience for us because the colleagues represent a binational accreditation organization set up by the Dutch and Flemish governments. Thus, the organization provides an expert assessment of the quality of higher education within the limits of different judicial systems on the territory of several states simultaneously. The NAQA team was impressed by the flexible approach of our colleagues as they do not have strict criteria for granting accreditation, but maintain professionalism and objectivity in decision-making.

NVAO made it clear that the interest in cooperation is mutual as NAQA is the only organization that has experience in maintaining educational standards during wartime.

The NAQA team is grateful to its foreign colleagues for such a warm and productive meeting and is looking forward to furthering joint projects.