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Smart Communities: EU Meets Ukraine

On October 14, the event “Smart Communities: EU Meets Ukraine” dedicated to the development and strengthening of cooperation between the regional hubs of smart communities in Europe and Ukraine took place in the Promote Ukraine hub in Brussels.

Iryna Zolotarova, NAQA member, took part in the “Debates” section. The purpose of the event was to discuss the policy of the EU and Ukraine in the of relations between representatives of Ukrainian universities, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, etc. stimulation, as well as strengthening cooperation and attracting investments. Special attention was paid to the relations between Ukraine and the EU development. During the event, the opportunities offered to Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses by EU programs, ways of joining the EU markets and partnership withinin the frames of smart communities joint solutions development and acceleration of digital transformation.

The participants learnt about enterprises participation in EU programmes and initiatives, as well as non-financial support as business advisory. This event certainly strengthen the ability of Ukrainian enterprises to interact with European partners, encourage them to enter new markets and get maximum opportunities from European financing instruments.