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NAQA meeting was held on November 22

NAQA meeting was held on November 22 One of the premises on the agenda was the study programmes accreditation. Totally 55 cases were considered. Accredited – 49 programmes, with the definition of “exemplary” – 2, requiring re-analysis by the Sectoral Expert Councils – 3, and in 1 case a re-accreditation examination was appointed.

During the meeting, NAQA members discussed a number of topical issues and made decisions, including:

• on the provision of conditional (delayed) accreditations to study programmes in accordance with the Resolution of the CMU dated 16.03.2022 No. 295 “On the peculiarities of accreditation of higher education study programmes under martial law”;

• about submitting information on the accreditation certificate of the “Medicine” study programme of the Private Institution of Higher Education “Dnipro Institute of Medicine and Public Health” to Unified State Electronic Database on Education;

• on changes to the Schedule for accepting applications for study programs accreditation and information on self-evaluation from higher education institutions and scientific institutions in the 2022/23 academic year; • on approval of one-day training materials for expert candidates;

• proposals to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on amendments to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 10, 2019 No. 554. “On approving the list of foreign accreditation agencies and higher education quality assurance agencies that issue study programmes accreditation certificates recognized in Ukraine.”

The record of the meeting is available on NAQA Facebook page.