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The project “Personalized Learning Model Based on the Virtual Learning Environment of Intellectual Tutoring”Learning with No Limits” (SMART-Pl) under the Erasmus+ programme has been launched

On January 23-24, the kick-off meeting of the project took place. The first part of the meeting was devoted to the discussion of key tasks of the project and the presentation of all partners. Today, the planned results and ways of implementing the project were discussed in detail.
NAQA was represented by the head of the PR and international cooperation department, Albina Tsiatkovska, and the leading specialist of the department, Olena Loban.

The SMART-PL project is aimed at implementing a model of personalized learning based on intellectual tutoring and providing educational opportunities to students regardless of age, personality, socio-economic status or educational needs. The use of the latest technologies in the educational process will contribute to the improvement of the quality of Ukrainian education, and the cooperation of NAQA, higher education institutions of Ukraine and Europe will ensure the exchange of experience and best practices in order to achieve significant project results.