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NAQA in the study “Ukraine and the Association Agreement: monitoring of implementation 2014–2022”

In the new study “Ukraine and the Association Agreement: monitoring of implementation 2014–2022”, the NGO “Ukrainian Center for European Policy” and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Representation in Ukraine noted NAQA activity in the implementation of ESG.

The researchers drew attention to the proposals for changes to the legislation from NAQA, in particular in the field of academic integrity and quality assurance under martial law. The document also reveals NAQA’s contribution to the development of the National Action Plan for External Quality Assurance of Higher Education of Ukraine for the period 2022-2023.

International activities of the agency are mentioned as well, namely: the acquisition of membership in the Global Academic Integrity Network (GAIN) and participation in the activities of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), which, according to the researchers, indicates an active entry into the community of European quality assurance organizations.

In general, the results of the study reflect a positive expansion of quality assurance practices through the transparency of study programmes accreditation procedures, attention to the policy of academic integrity, implementation of the mechanisms of the external quality assurance system, and successful cooperation with international organizations in Europe.

We invite you to check out the results of the study.