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INQAAHE Talks webinar

Constant communication and knowledge exchange with foreign colleagues are an integral part of work in the field of internationalization. On September 28, NAQA participated in a webinar INQAAHE Talks, focusing on navigating the future of learning in the context of micro-credential recognition.

The event aimed to facilitate dialogue among education quality experts from various countries and regions. Speakers from China, Japan, Spain, and Canada shared the achievements of their country’s legislators, quality assurance agencies, and higher education institutions working on mechanisms to enhance the recognition and quality assurance of micro-credentials. During the Q&A session, several pertinent topics were discussed, including the role of quality assurance agencies in integrating micro-credentials into the traditional higher education landscape.

NAQA extends its gratitude to its partners for the engaging and enlightening discussion and the exchange of ideas regarding future prospects for the development of micro-credentials in the educational environment.