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Meeting with members of the Ukrainian Association of Students and the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland

Members of the Ukrainian Association of Students and the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland visited NAQA. The meeting was held within the framework of the International Student Exchange “Dialogue of Student Unity: Ukraine and Poland”.

Representatives of NAQA, together with colleagues from the team of the Representative Office of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea and the NACP Integrity Office, discussed the quality of education, the role of students in this process, academic integrity and integrity in general. The student leaders also raised the issue of support for displaced educational institutions, education in them and many other pressing issues.

The participants of the meeting were genuinely interested in the discussion on the role of students in quality assurance. Andrii Butenko and Oleksandra Oksiiuk once again emphasised that one of the main tasks of NAQA is to establish the principles of student centricity in higher education in Ukraine. The speakers talked about the system of selecting expert applicants, the difficulties encountered in cooperation with them, and noted that in the Ukrainian accreditation system, students are involved in all levels of external quality assurance: they are members of NAQA and sectoral expert councils, and a representative of students is necessarily included in each expert group for the accreditation of study programmes.

A lively discussion, exchange of experiences and opinions filled this project. We thank the Ukrainian Association of Students for initiating the meeting and invite student organisations to cooperate to develop quality education in Ukraine.