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GAIN meeting

NAQA joined the regular GAIN meeting on 28 February. At the beginning of the session, the participants discussed topics on improving the Network’s policies, improving the voting system and the criteria for new members.

The most important issues at today’s meeting were the development of a separate page on the official GAIN website with collected links and basic information on all countries represented by the 33 members of the Network.

Grainne Mooney, representative of the Irish Agency (QQI), noted that each country and each member of the Network has unique information on the implementation and protection of academic integrity. And it would be a great step to collect all these best practices on one resource.

At the end of the meeting, Ashlyn Rest, a representative of the National Academic Integrity Network (NAIN), presented the work of the organisation in Ireland, spoke about the legislation in the field of academic integrity, principles and guidelines.

GAIN was officially founded in October 2022 on the joint initiative of the Irish (QQI) and Australian (TEQSA) higher education quality assurance agencies. It currently has 33 members and their number continues to grow every year.
NAQA regularly cooperates with foreign partners and international organisations to share experience and implement best international practices in the field of academic integrity in Ukraine.