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Alfred Nobel University (2016)

Accredited programmes: 25 study programmes (11 – Bachelor’s and 14 – Master’s)

HEI: Alfred Nobel University

Accreditation agency: Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) (Germany)

Accreditation criteria: criteria of ZEvA (Germany) (meet the ESG)

Accreditation body decision: five-year accreditation (18.07.2016 – 31.08.2021)

Accreditation procedure: The procedure of accreditation of Alfred Nobel University lasted for nearly 18 months and was divided into several stages.

I – internal auditing and preparation of self-report for each educational programme.

II – provision of self-report to ZEvA Review Panel consisting of acknowledged experts in the field of education, representatives of the non-academic employment sector and student representative.

III – was a visit of ZEvA Review Panel to Alfred Nobel University, during which experts conducted meetings with leadership, faculty, students and graduates.

IV – was peer review by the expert panel based on what was seen and heard at the University and preparation of an official reply from Alfred Nobel University.

V – final stage, self-report, peer review and official reply were considered by the Standing Accreditation Commission that was given the authority to make the final decision on whether the accreditation is awarded or not.

Composition of ZEvA Review Panel

Visit of ZEvA Review Panel

Accreditation experts report of Alfred Nobel University.

Award of the accreditation by ZEvA’s Commission for International Affairs