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Meeting with French experts on the organization of PhD programs

NAQA has a very valuable and at the same time responsible mission – to become a catalyst for positive changes in higher education and the shape of its quality culture. Following this mission, NAQA collects, studies and applies the best knowledge and practices in the domestic higher education system. Consultation with foreign experts, discussion of the experience of agencies and institutions that have been operating successfully for decades, is extremely important in NAQA activity.

On June 12, one more consultative meeting was held with French experts – Professor Emeritus of the University of Lumiere Lyon 2 Jean-Hugues Chauchat and Professor of the University of Lyon Christian Montes. The subject of discussion was system of awarding (defending) the PhD degree in France and the organization of PhD programs. On behalf of NAQA, the meeting was attended by Vice Heads of NAQA Andrii Butenko and Nataliia Stukalo, members of NAQA Iryna Zolotaryova, Tetiana Prikhna, Ihor Oleksiv, Liliya Janse, Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Head of the Secretariat Mychailo Wynnyckyj and International Project Manager Albina Tsiatkovska.

The PhD system in France has existed for more than 40 years and the requirements for the thesis defence vary depending on the field of knowledge in which the study is prepared. Therefore, what is mandatory for biologists (for example, the publication of research results) may not be mandatory for lawyers or economists. This approach to the differentiation of requirements is quite logical and balanced.