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COVID-19 Impact on Ukrainian Higher Education

An article of Nataliia Stukalo and Anastasiia Simakhova was published in Universal Journal of Educational Research

The pandemic and the announced quarantine have made adjustments to the bachelors and master degree student education in almost all universities around the world. The transition to the online education using modern Internet technologies has been made, that has led to certain challenges in higher education system. The purpose of the article is the analysis of COVID-19 impact on Ukrainian higher education. The following research methods were used in the article: empirical methods, methods of theoretical analysis, questionnaire, and interview. In the article the approaches to the online education in universities in Ukraine have been analyzed. The results of the article have a few significant implications for science and practice of online education and its perspectives for Ukrainian higher education system. Prospects of online education of students have been offered during COVID-19. The main recommendations are the following: to organize training courses of online education methods for lecturers; to organize in-depth training courses of online education methods for lecturers of non-pedagogical specialties (including training in interactive online teaching methods, formation of an individual learning trajectory, online multidisciplinary courses development); university’s management should provide constant monitoring of the satisfaction of students and lecturers of the online education organization for the accumulation of statistical data in the dynamics.
Keywords Higher Education, Online Education, Covid-19, Ukraine, Transformation