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Online seminar for expert trainers

“Be one hundred percent honest,” concluded Artyom Artyukhov, a member of the NAQA.
Fixing the state of academic integrity, the need to share experiences and important practices was discussed on September 18 at an online seminar for expert trainers.
Taras Finikov, President of the International Foundation for Education Policy Research, Professor of the University of Warsaw, made an introductory statement, talking about the purpose, program of the webinar and the expectations of the organisers. He emphasised that although the realities of remote and mixed accreditations can complicate the work of experts and, consequently, trainers, this is not a reason to compromise on quality and compliance with the rules of the process.
Artem Artyukhov analysed the reflection of academic integrity in the self asessment reports and the general tendency to detect plagiarism in scientific works.
Mick Mulley, an expert and trainer on building higher education and business relationships, talked about academic integrity practices in American universities and expert approaches to evaluating it. The speaker compared the practices of American and Ukrainian universities.
Joint discussion of pressing  issues helps to better adapt to today’s challenges – after the successful second of the series of three webinars, the speakers and coaches were able to reassure themselves again.