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Lennart Ståhle

Having worked with research and higher education since 1972. Graduated from Uppsala University in the history of religions. Head of Dep. History of Religions. Responsible for the program in Cultural Studies at Uppsala university.

Faculty Director at Uppsala university. General Secretary of the Swedish Rector´s conference.

Director at the Ministry of Education and science. Deputy university Chancellor of Sweden. Participating in issues about quality assurance and management.

The special interests of the expert in higher education are: management and evaluation.  

Lennart Ståhle has been working with the Swedish Quality Assurance System, has been appointed expert, by the Swedish Foreign Ministry, for reforming the education in Law and Economics at the University of Kaliningrad.

Lennart Ståhle has evaluated the PhD Education in Ethiopia for the Swedish Development Agency and the National Quality Assurance system in Bolivia.

Lennart Ståhle has been a consultant to the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in several international projects in Ukraine and Central Asia.