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NAQA Vice Head Nataliia Stukalo took part in the International Teacher Education and Accreditation Congress

During the congress organized by the Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs (EPDAD) on December 19, Nataliia Stukalo made a presentation “Quality Assurance in Pendemic times: case of NAQA (Ukraine)”. Conducting accreditation remotely, submitting documents online through the e-office, visiting HEIs using video communication, as well as the pros and cons of this approach – all this was presented during the speech. The participants of the congress expressed interest in the NAQA experience, so after the presentation of Natalia Stukalo there was an active discussion.
Dissemination of NAQA experience is extremely important for the development of the Ukrainian higher education quality assurance system, as well as for its internationalization. Participation in conferences, congresses and meetings all around the world provides an opportunity to learn about the experience of other countries and agencies, as well as to hear feedback from foreign colleagues on domestic practice.