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Meeting of the NAQA Advisory Board

On April 13, 2021, the third meeting of the NAQA Advisory Board took place. The following issues were on the agenda:
  • discussion of the NAQA self-assessment report, in order to improve NAQA processes and procedures in terms of accreditation, recruiting and training of experts, appeal procedure and NAQA independent status ;
  • the draft Law “On academic integrity” in Ukraine;
  • institutional accreditation;
  • accreditation of independent accreditation agencies;
  • PhD reform.

Much of the discussion was devoted to the PhD reform. Mychailo Wynnyckyj, Head of NAQA Secretariat, told the members of the Advisory Board about the history and current state of the reform. Advisory Board members expressed their views and shared their experience in training doctors of philosophy in different countries. The proposals of the members of the Advisory Board were submitted for discussion to the National Agency and will be submitted for public discussion in the future.