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INQAAHE Bulletin Q1 2022

In the April issue of the INQAAHE Bulletin, INQAAHE President Deborah Adair expressed her support for NAQA in her address.

“In such desperate times, however, we are amazed and humbled that NAQA, against all odds, continues to provide necessary support for higher education activities across the country, to ensure students can continue to make academic progress as they are able.”

INQAAHE’s official statement on the situation, released on March 4, 2022, is also published in the Bulletin.

“We are deeply concerned for the escalation of violence in Ukraine and our colleagues at the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (NAQA). The work of INQAAHE Network is to serve and to advance excellence in tertiary education through the support of an international community of QA, and we call upon our members to join us in expressing a hope that violence will soon be replaced by dialogue and diplomacy, leading to peace for all.”

NAQA appreciates the support from INQAAHE. At the same time, we call on INQAAHE to deprive russian agencies of their membership.

Today, 71 percent of russia’s population supports the russian propaganda machine. Educators and scientists are among them. University professors operate with fictional and knowingly false facts about the war in Ukraine. Russian rectors openly supported russia’s war against Ukraine. Education is used as a mouthpiece to promote violence. Such actions have nothing to do with the quality of education.

The presence of russian representatives in the ranks of INQAAHE insults the high mission of the Network.