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Meeting of NAQA & ZeVA

 In continuation of cooperation with the Central Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation (ZeVA, Germany), NAQA held a meeting with German colleagues. Among those present were Andrii Butenko, NAQA Head, Nataliia Stukalo, NAQA Vice Head, Liliia Janse, Oleksandr Dlugopolskyi, Iryna Zolotariova, Tetyana Prikhna – NAQA members and Albina Tsiatkovska and Iryna Zhaloba, specialists of the Public Relations and International Cooperation Department. The German agency was represented by Henning Schäfer ZeVA Managing Director and Anja Grube, Head of Institutional Accreditation and International Affairs.

The participants of the meeting spoke about the activities of the NAQA during the war, in particular, about the peculiarities of the accreditation process and the relevant legislative changes. ZeVA is quite active in Ukraine. As of February 24, 2022, the German agency was conducting three accreditation examinations in Ukrainian HEIs, so the discussion was substantive and fruitful.  NAQA members also informed colleagues about upcoming events and planned projects. The participants of the meeting agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation in the near future.