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An online discussion “Higher Education in Wartime: Displaced Universities”

On July 14, an online discussion “Higher Education in Wartime: Displaced Universities” took place. The event was arranged in the framework of School for Policy Analysis (SPA) NaUKMA study “Universities under siege: the challenges for the Ukrainian higher education system after russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine”.

The speakers of the event were: Anna Osypchuk, Director for Research in NaUKMA SPA, Oleh Sharov, General Director of the MoES Directorate of Professional Higher Education, Maksym Yakovleev, Head of NaUKMA SPA, Mykola Trofymenko, Rector of Mariupol State University, Olga Porkuian, Rector of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Oleksandr Spivakovskyi, Rector of Kherson State University and Andrii Butenko, NAQA Head.

In his speech Andrii Butenko emphasized that the issue of higher education quality is relevant during a full-scale invasion, since the internal quality assurance system establishment enables the institution of higher education quick adjusting to enforced changes such as relocation. The speaker told the participants about NAQA development of Temporary Regulation on study programmes accreditation for higher education applicants training under martial law. This Regulation will fully consider all peculiarities and possible difficulties of the process. By the end of the meeting, NAQA Head concluded that the higher education quality problems of this year may appear in any institution, but mutual support in the educational environment and hard work of each process participant will help to resolve the existing problems.