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On the role of the National Agency in the field of academic integrity at the webinar “Academic Integrity in Sports Science”

On November 10, the webinar “Academic Integrity in Sports Science” was held. The event was organized by the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University within the framework of the World Science Day – 2022. The event was devoted to the topical issues of compliance with the principles of academic integrity in the field of physical education and sports.

One of the speakers of the webinar was Leontii Shypilov, director of the NAQA Department of Academic Degrees and Analytics. He spoke on the topic: “The role of NAQA in ensuring academic integrity in the system of higher education and science.” In the report, the speaker outlined the main provisions of NAQA work in the field of ensuring compliance with academic integrity by various categories of educators.