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The 26th Annual Conference of the European Council for Business Education (ECBE) took place on May 25-26.

ECBE, an international non-profit accreditation agency, aims to enhance the quality of business education by establishing high standards and criteria for accreditation. The agency also supports educational institutions in developing innovative study programmes in the field of business and economics. Moreover, ECBE serves as an international platform for idea exchange, experience sharing, and collaboration among quality assurance agencies.

Every year, this conference brings together leading experts and scholars to discuss contemporary issues related to assuring educational quality. NAQA Vice-Head Nataliia Stukalo delivered a compelling presentation titled “Quality Assurance and Inter-Agency Collaboration in Wartime.” Dr. Stukalo shed light on the consequences of Russian aggression for Ukrainian educational institutions, emphasizing the need to maintain quality even during wartime; highlighted the measures taken in order to adapt higher education institutions and NAQA to operate under these challenging circumstances. An important aspect of the speech was the emphasis on the significance of developing cooperation with foreign agencies, seeking external support, international expertise, and best practices for continuous improvement of education quality during times of war.

The European Council for Business Education expressed its support for NAQA and reaffirmed its readiness for further cooperation on a bilateral basis. The conference has provided a platform for fruitful discussions, sharing insights, and strengthening partnerships in the field of business education.