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Workshop “Third Mission of Universities: Challenges and European Perspectives”

The workshop “Third Mission of Universities: Challenges and European Perspectives”, which is organized within the Erasmus+ UNICOM project, takes place on July 10-12

Nataliia Stukalo made a presentation on the importance of higher education quality assurance in war and post-war times.
In her speech, she talked about the measures NAQA took for adaptation of activities to the conditions of war and support of higher education institutions. It was, in particular, about the possibility of obtaining conditional (delayed) accreditations. The speaker noted that a strong nation is an educated nation, which is why the quality of higher education plays an important role in the development and formation of Ukrainian society. Hence, other aspects necessary for achieving high-quality, competitive education become crucial, such as European integration, cross-border cooperation, de-russification and integration of modern teaching methods and tools.

We also note the growing role of higher education quality assurance in solving societal problems caused by war, pandemic, economic, migration and energy crises, because it is higher education that prepares proactive citizens capable of defending democratic values, being leaders and contributing to a sustainable future .

NAQA remains committed to promoting democratic values, sustainable development goals and the rule of law through higher education quality.