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Students’ Personalised Learning Model, Based on the Virtual Learning Environment of Intellectual Tutoring “Learning with No Limits”  


Start:  01-01-2023 – End: 31-12-2025 

Project Reference: ERASMUS-EDU-2023-CBHE-STRAND-3 

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Action Type: Capacity Building in higher education 

NAQA role in the project: 

NAQA will facilitate all project activities, including the development of a common personalized learning policy and the use of formative assessment mechanisms for partner universities. Also, NAQA will coordinate the process of developing electronic manuals “Methodical recommendations of competency training for students of the educational program” and will participate in the internal audit of the project, and the results of the project will be taken into account in the decision-making process of NAQA and in the development of further activity policy. 

NAQA will participate in all coordination meetings and workshops; preparation of reports, financial coordination, information dissemination activities, monitoring of the implementation of all work packages. 

The participation in the joint development of the training program (seminar) “Competence-oriented personalized training and formative assessment in the system of quality assurance of higher education” is highly important. NAQA has a consultative role in the formation of a common policy of personalized education in universities. NAQA is also responsible for the development of 2 e-books: “Manuals on competence-related personalized education” and “Opportunities of Open Educational Platforms for Students and Teachers”. 

As part of the WP2, NAQA provides consultations to Ukrainian higher education institutions on the development of policies for personalized student learning and the template “Provisions for personalized competency-based teaching of university students and the application of formative assessment practice”. 

According to the WP5, NAQA coordinates and advises on the development of a methodological complex to ensure an implemented learning model for 60 pilot academic disciplines. 

In WP7, NAQA is assigned the role of disseminating information about the project; development of recommendations for the implementation of mechanisms and provision of recommendations for the implementation of mechanisms of formative assessment in the practice of Ukrainian universities.