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Roundtable “Higher education quality: content and formal assessment parameters”

Quality higher education, which is strategically important for the Ukrainian future, is possible through the systematic development of a unified quality assurance system. Measures aimed at coordinating and consolidating a shared vision of the higher education quality assurance are relevant even in challenging times.

On September 12, NAQA organized the “Higher education quality: content and formal assessment parameters” round-table discussion. The event was attended by rectors and pro-rectors of HEIs, members of the Ukrainian Parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, and NAQA members.

The participents exchanged the views on the implementation of accreditation criteria for study programmes and other equally important aspects in the field of higher education quality assurance during the meeting.

We thank all members of the roundtable for their open, principled, and productive discussion!