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Meeting of GAIN members

Adhering to academic integrity is one of the aspects of quality education. NAQA collaborates with foreign partners and international organizations to exchange information aimed at promoting academic integrity.

On September 11th, a meeting of GAIN (Global Academic Integrity Network) members took place, attended by over 30 representatives from quality assurance agencies and universities worldwide. NAQA was represented by the Vice Head Nataliia Stukalo and the leading specialist of PR and international cooperation department, Olena Loban. In addition to coordinating internal organizational issues, innovative practices and new research on academic integrity were presented. Dr. Sarah Eaton discussed the negative impact of credentialism (evaluating an employee based on their level of education or academic degree) on academic integrity. Zeenath Reza Khan presented the path, challenges, advantages, and importance of establishing a national-level Center for Academic Integrity in the United Arab Emirates.

During the discussion, participants shared their impressions and identified further development plans for the organization to address existing issues.