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Advisory Board meeting

For effective ensuring higher education quality and continuous external evaluation of our activities, it is extremely important to coordinate our work with leading international institutions and receive assessments of our actions. The Advisory Board of NAQA, which includes prominent international experts in the field of higher education quality assurance, helps to facilitate important and effective interaction with the international community.

The meeting of NAQA Advisory Board took place on September 7th. At the beginning of the meeting, the chair of the advisory board, Ian Welch, and the head of NAQA, Andrii Butenko, emphasized the value of continuous external monitoring of the NAQA’s activities despite the state of war. NAQA Vice Head, Nataliia Stukalo, presented the main achievements of NAQA for 2023 and outlined the main challenges facing our team.

During the fruitful discussion, the members of the Advisory Board expressed ideas, advice, and proposals regarding the future development of the higher education quality system in Ukraine and expressed their support for the Ukrainian people.

NAQA always pays attention to valuable advice and recommendations and is sincerely grateful for the important contribution of the Advisory Board in improving the procedures of higher education quality assurance in Ukraine.