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“Mental Health: Fragility and Resilience of the Future”. Third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen Summit

Mental health is an urgent global issue, but it is also a problem for every Ukrainian in the context of a full-scale war, terrorist crimes of the aggressor and systematic terror of the civilian population, and other equally important factors.

On 6 September, Andrii Butenko took part in the third First Ladies and Gentlemen’s Summit, the theme of which was “Mental Health: Fragility and Resilience of the Future”.

The participants of the summit discussed various aspects of mental health, as well as ways to support and increase the resilience of individuals in difficult times.

NAQA is strongly convinced that quality education is one of the most important elements of influencing the mental health of citizens and has the potential to positively affect it. Thus, relevant changes have been proposed to the draft new regulation on accreditation of study programmes.