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NAQA’s Participation in the public discussion: “Where is education in Resilience and Recovery?”

“In fact, we will be able to improve the quality of higher education in Ukraine only if we work together, in synergy and look in the same direction,” said Oleksandra Osiiuk, NAQA Vice Head of the Secretariat, during a public discussion: “Where is Education in Resilience and Recovery?” 15 February.

This offline event brought together educators, researchers, students and partners of the PO “Progresylni” to discuss the role and place of education in Ukraine’s resilience and recovery. Among the key issues raised by the speakers and the audience were:

  • challenges faced by educational institutions during a full-scale war;
  • the timeliness of ongoing educational reforms to improve the quality of education and integration into the European space, as well as the need for their transparency, clarity and calculation;
  • concerns about the lack of public recognition of the importance of education and its inadequate funding;
  • the importance of preserving displaced universities and supporting young people to facilitate their return home during the post-war reconstruction period.

Event organiser: PO “Progresylni”.