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NAQA Seminar at the State Tax University in Irpin

On 9 May at the State Tax University in Irpin, NAQA held a meeting with the guarantors of educational programmes, heads of structural units, administration, and all those interested in clarifying the current aspects of higher education quality assurance.

Speakers Andrii Butenko, NAQA Head, and NAQA Vice Heads Olena Yeremenko, Ivan Nazarov and Nataliia Stukalo highlighted the problematic issues of developing an internal higher education quality assurance system, European priorities of the NAQA, including the prospects for post-accreditation monitoring, and the need for legislative regulation of academic integrity.

NAQA acknowledges the resilience of Ukrainian higher education institutions affected by the Russian terror. Despite the difficulties, they continue to work hard and demonstrate unwavering commitment to their work, and their efforts are evidence of the strength of the Ukrainian academic community, despite all the challenges of a full-scale war.