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Agency to Agency meeting between NAQA (Ukraine) and SKVC (Lithuania)

Within the joint project with OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine on June 26 a meeting was held between NAQA and the Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (Republic of Lithuania). Participants continued to discuss approaches to quality assurance in higher education, launched in April 2020.

The OSCE supports co-operation between Ukrainian and Lithuanian agencies and promotes relations between them. It should be noted that the meeting was attended by the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine – Ambassador Henrik Villadsen, together with the staff of the Rule of Law and Human Rights Program of this organization – Oleksandr Sydielnikov, who moderated the meeting, Natalia Stupnytska, Nina Reshetar and Bohdan Ides. Mr. Ambassador delivered a speech in which he praised the cooperation between the agencies and expressed his support.

The meeting was attended by the NAQA Head Serhiy Kvit, deputy chairmen Nataliia Stukalo, Andriy Butenko, Ivan Nazarov and international project manager Albina Tsiatkovska. The Lithuanian Center was represented by Almantas Šerpatauskas, SKVC Director, Aurelija Valeikienė, SKVC Deputy Director and other Lithuanian colleagues.

The key topic of the meeting was institutional accreditation – its nature and understanding in Lithuania. Colleagues shared their 10 years of experience in implementing institutional accreditation, revealed in detail its importance, procedure and consequences of implementation. The meeting reaffirmed the external nature of accreditation and the understanding that differs from that enshrined in domestic law. NAQA will continue to work towards developing an optimal model of institutional accreditation in Ukraine, which will be recognized at the international level.