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Institutional accreditation: experience of an international expert

NAQA continues to organize consultations with international experts on higher education quality assurance. This time, on June 26, NAQA members had a meaningful meeting with Dr. Olgun Cicek.

The meeting was attended by NAQA Vice Head Nataliia Stukalo, NAQA members Iryna Zolotaryova, Oleksandr Dlugopolsky and Tetyana Prikhna, Head of the Institutional Accreditation Sector Iryna Simshah and International Project Manager Albina Tsiatkovska.

Prof. Cicek is an expert on higher education studies mainly in internationalization, policy & development, accreditation and quality assurance areas. He has 25 years of teaching, research, accreditation and quality assurance experiences and networking in global higher education in Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Far East and in the USA. Prof Cicek currently serves as Executive Board Member of CEENQA and YODAK (N. Cyprus) building his experience on the quality assurance and improvement activities of the member agencies as well as institutions from Central and Eastern Europe.

He is also a member of Accreditation Committee for British Accreditation Council’s (BAC). In addition to his board and committee roles, he serves as an International Expert and Reviewer for Agency for Quality Assurance (AQAS) in Germany, Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency (NAKVIS) in Slovenia, Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) in Latvia, QAAHE-ASCAL, in Albania.

With these roles, Prof. Cicek brings extensive experience in the institutional level accreditation process as well as program level accreditation based on European Standards and Guidelines. Prof. Cicek provided in-depth advice on institutional accreditation: it revealed its understanding in different countries of the world, the purpose as well as types of institutional accreditation. He also expressed his support for NAQA and his readiness to hold further consultations.