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NAQA continues to cooperate with foreign agencies on cross-border quality assurance

Despite all the difficulties and losses of the russian’s war in Ukraine, higher education institutions located in relatively safe regions of our country continue to apply to the foreign QA agencies to evaluate or accredit study programmes. Last week, Nataliia Stukalo, NAQA Vice Head, and Albina Tsiatkovska, Head of the PR and International Cooperation Department, met with foreign colleagues.
Thus, on June 14 they met with Anja Grube from the German agency ZeVA, which has experience in conducting accreditation in Ukraine. They discussed the peculiarities of cooperation between Ukrainian HEIs and foreign accreditation agencies during the wartime, as well as the joint participation in the European Quality Assurance Forum EQAF – 2022.
On June 17, they had a fruitful meeting with representatives of the Romanian agency ARACIS and the French agency CTI. They discussed, inter alia, a procedure for evaluating the study programme to award the EUR-ACE label.

NAQA`s advice meetings are important and useful as they provide an opportunity for foreign colleagues to obtain truthful information, ask specific questions and discuss common experiences. Cooperation with foreign QA agencies is also an advantage for Ukrainian HEIs.  Involvement of foreign experience during  consultative evalUstinov and accreditation examinations has a positive effect on the quality of study programmes and the activities of higher education institutions.