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ENQA Members’ Forum on 22-24 June 2022

On June 23 , 2022 NAQA Vice Head Nataliia Stukalo and Head of the PR and International Cooperation Department Albina Tsiatkovska participated in the thematic poster session during the annual ENQA Members` Forum. This year the Forum is held in Cardiff, Wales. Taking into account the full – scale war in Ukraine, the organisers of the Forum kindly provided NAQA with an opportunity to present the poster online.

The poster is devoted to the topic of sustainability higher education quality assurance during wartime and describes the role of NAQA as the single quality assurance agency in Ukraine after February 24, 2022, when russia started a full – scale war against Ukraine. The format of the sessions involved four presentations of the poster and Q&A.

NAQA is grateful to the organisers for the opportunity to take part in the Forum, to discuss with colleagues the current and challenging issues for higher education quality assurance in such unprecedented times for Ukraine and the world.