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CEENQA bi-monthly meeting

The internationalization of the higher education quality assurance system is an important and relevant process that contributes to the improvement of the quality of the educational process and ensures the compliance of educational standards and practices among different countries. Openness to international cooperation and adaptation to global requirements are becoming key components of an effective higher education quality assurance system.

At CEENQA bi-monthly meeting, where NAQA was presented by Nataliia Stukalo, there was discussion about innovations and changes in the activities of quality assurance agencies. Almantas Šerpatauskas described the quality assurance processes of Lithuanian Agency (SKVC), which include, in addition to institutional and accreditation of study programs, also the evaluation of study fields. The representative of the Czech Agency (NAB), Martina Vidláková, spoke about reforming the process of institutional accreditation and creating a new methodology for its implementation. Gregor Rebernik analysed the changes in the evaluation recommendations at the Slovenian agency (NAKVIS).

Cooperation with international colleagues gives NAQA the opportunity to learn about the newest practices and adopt the experience of foreign colleagues, thus developing a system of higher education quality assurance in accordance with world standards.