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Ukrainian Quality Assurance Forum (UQAF – 2023)

On November 6 in Ternopil, NAQA, in partnership with the Western Ukrainian National University, hosted a substantive and large-scale event with in-person participation – the Ukrainian Quality Assurance Forum (UQAF – 2023).

During the forum, within three-panel discussions, participants discussed the mission, perspectives, challenges, and dreams for the Ukrainian higher education quality assurance system. They explored ways and peculiarities of implementing post-accreditation monitoring and addressed a pressing question – what is the future of academic integrity in Ukraine.

The Forum gathered over 160 in-person participants from all regions of the country and more than 1200 online participants. The event sparked significant interest, with 355 educational program leaders, 127 heads of departments from higher education institutions nationwide, 93 leaders responsible for the internal quality assurance system in their institutions, over 80 rectors and vice-rectors, and more than 70 education applicants participating.

Speakers at this year’s forum included renowned experts, educators, scientists, Ukrainian MPs, representatives of the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Health.

The inaugural forum concluded, establishing a new tradition of annual national forums on the quality of higher education as discussion platforms for exchanging thoughts, ideas, and proposals on relevant topics in the development of the Ukrainian higher education quality assurance system.