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NAQA participated in ENQA General Assembly and ENQA webinars

Image taken from twitter.

This week is full of events organised by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), in which the NAQA willingly took part.

An online ENQA General Assembly was held on 22 October to discuss the main results and challenges of quality assurance agencies related to the global pandemic.

ENQA President Christoph Grolimund and ENQA Director Maria Kelo congratulated the NAQA on gaining affiliate status within ENQA. All ENQA members joined in the congratulations and wished the NAQA success in its high mission. The Vice-Head of the NAQA Nataliia Stukalo expressed her gratitude for the greetings and support provided by ENQA to the NAQA.

Details of the event at the link.

Also, on October 21, the ENQA the webinar “Update on the Bologna Process” took place. The webinar summarized the conclusions of the Report on the implementation of the Bologna Process until 2020 and updated information on ENQA’s contribution to the Bologna Process, benefits for ENQA members and prospects for the development of the Bologna Process after 2020.

Detailed information about this webinar, as well as its recording can be found on the ENQA website.

Another ENQA webinar “Use of indicators in higher education” took place on October 23. During this webinar, the use of indicators in higher education and, in particular, in quality assurance was discussed. Participants heard the main findings of a study conducted by the European University Association (EUA), which examined how indicators are used in ratings, external quality assurance and funding formulas. ENQA member agencies shared their experience on the use of indicators in external quality assurance.

Details and recording of the webinar are available at the link.